Little Red Dragon Preschool

The Little Red Dragon Preschool caters for approximately 35 children in two classes, i.e. a Grade R and a pre-Grade R class. The medium of instruction is currently English, but will in all likelihood change to being one English and one Afrikaans class in 2014.

Children attend a daily programme from 8.30 to 12.30, with a theme-based approach utilizing materials from the Rhodes University Education Department. Tests are done annually on the children's sight and hearing, and they regularly pay a visit to the local library. Other outings are arranged on an occasional basis, e.g. to the dentist and to SciFest.

The Preschool does not currently receive a subsidy from the Department of Social Development, and school fees are charged, but provision is made for bursary support to those children who are unable to pay fees. The Centre aims to demonstrate good practice and serve as an ECD centre of excellence in the area.


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