Lebone Literacy Programme

The Lebone Literacy Programme (LLP) is a comprehensive literacy outreach programme that encompasses the following initiatives:
  • Project Read: A programme replicating the Wordworks and Shine methodologies from Cape Town in 4 sites (schools) surrounding the Lebone Centre, targeting Foundation Phase children from Grade R to Grade 3. A team of 40 - 50 volunteers work once a week with 2 children each on reading and writing skills in English and Afrikaans, depending on the medium of instruction at the particular school.
  • Home-School Partnership Programme: A series of workshops involving the parents of Foundation Phase children and presented by local teachers and a facilitator from the Lebone Centre. Parents are encouraged and empowered to support their children's learning and literacy development in an informal way at home, with materials also provided by the Wordworks organisation.
  • Clinic Programme: Workshops are held at clinics for groups of pregnant mothers and the mothers of young children, when they visit the clinics for immunizations, check-ups, etc. These are short workshops that focus on the importance of early literacy development in babies and young children.
  • Nal'ibali partnership: The Lebone Literacy Programme works in partnership with the national Nal'ibali Reading for Enjoyment campaign by hosting a Story Sparker and supporting the local activities of the campaign and reading clubs.
  • Media production: A page entitled Ukufunda is produced on a weekly basis for the local newspaper (Grocott's Mail) and highlights issues surrounding literacy and libraries, as well as providing resources for parents and teachers to use.
  • Book distribution: The LLP aims to establish and support the development of school and classroom libraries, through the sourcing of book donations, and the collection and distribution of relevant reading material for the different ages.


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